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JC Livio and Associates has partnered with a number of private and public companies to provide executive coaching, strategy development, and work process improvement.  Clients have benefited through enhanced leadership capability and collective intelligence, comprehensive talent management, and improved processes and training programs that drive performance results. 

We will help you guide your organization through facilitated meetings, training, strategy development and problem solving sessions to experience:

Assessment:   Our first step is to gain a comprehensive understanding of the issues and challenges you face.  We can conduct organizational assessments in the areas of hiring and retention, strategic management, team building, business processes, and learning and development.  This helps us to identify root causes, and create a strategic people and business strategy customized to your company’s needs.

Team building:  Next we work with individuals and teams to increase group effectiveness in order to move beyond functional barriers and to begin to take on strategic business issues with significant return on investment for your company.

Quality/process improvement: As relationships improve, and team effectiveness increases, we introduce process management concepts and tools from Total Quality Management (TQM), Six Sigma, and Lean concepts to develop a standard problem solving approach to fit your company’s needs and culture.

Employee engagement:   Focusing on the needs of your workforce we use interviews, focus groups and surveys to collect data, analyze the results and develop a baseline and a plan to help you increase job involvement and employee satisfaction.

Talent management: And finally, in order to provide your employees with the knowledge and skills necessary, and create a self-sustaining talent management system, we develop competency models, training materials, and curricula to support individual development (IDP’s) with a focus on building and retaining top talent.

                                            JC LIVIO & ASSOCIATES product and service offerings include:

  • Workplace climate and Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)
  • Performance and process improvement
  • Team building
  • Strategy development and deployment
  • Talent management and succession planning
  • Competency modeling
  • Learning Strategy
  • Continuous Improvement Deployment
  • Hiring and retention
  • Employee engagement


Facilitation and Coaching

  • Meetings, Group sessions and Retreats
  • Team building
  • Individualized Executive and Business Coaching
  • Basic Quality Tools, Six Sigma, Lean, Lean Six Sigma
  • Problem Solving Teams//Rapid Improvement events

Assessments and Surveys
  • Survey construction and administration
  • Workplace climate assessments
  • Course evaluations and assessments – Kirkpatrick levels  1, 2, and 3
  • Strategic Management Maturity
  • Business Process Maturity
  • Learning and Development Maturity


Training Design and Development

  • Instructional System Design using ADDIE
  • New Hire Orientation, Policies, Procedures and basic job skills
  • Supervisory, Managerial, and Leadership courses and curriculums
  • Classroom instructor led materials with participant/facilitator guides
  • eLearning – static (CD ROM) and web based hosting (LMS)
  • Individual Development Plans (IDPs)


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