It's the people that make the process work.

Team Building

Learning organizations typically tackle key business  issues through the use of cross-functional  teams for strategic purposes, or specific problems or projects.  They typically encompass a cross section of subject matter experts who need to work together, outside of their function, to achieve corporate goals.  When people come together to form these cross-functional “high performing” teams, synergies emerge, waste in the system is identified, and everyone experiences the feeling of success that comes from solving a big issue that was previously thought to be unsolvable.  Informal leaders emerge, and there is a desire by the teams to take things to the next level.

Individual and team development is fostered through team building which helps to install a foundation from which to build on.  The next natural step is to institute a “systematic problem solving approach” for the organization.  This is where many organizations embark on a process based, “continuous improvement” effort to formalize this problem solving approach.

Our Teamwork Assessment  focuses on:

  • The use of teams
  • Facilitation skills
  • The use of project management
  • The amount of cross-functional collaboration
  • The level of teamwork and trust
  • Developing a standard problem solving approach


The assessment begins by evaluating the current use of cross-functional and problem solving teams.  We research and identify the organization’s current approaches to problem  solving and project management.  We identify the level of knowledge and understanding of Total Quality Management, Lean and Six Sigma, and Process management.  We develop an assessment for the voice of the employee on the perceptions of teamwork, trust, and collaboration.

The final assessment is delivered through a detailed report that includes a full business case for change supported with a face to face briefing of leadership.  It energizes, focuses and informs you of the path to creating next generation business impact through learning.

 Opportunities we may identify include:

  • Increased cross-functional collaboration
  • Increased quality
  • Reduced cycle time
  • Accelerated change
  • Reduced cost
  • Increased leverage of technology

 Recommendations commonly made include:

  • Establishment of a standard problem solving and project management approach
  • The establishment of a formal team structure with the use of project charters, process mapping the current and future state, root cause analysis, and the identification of countermeasures
  • Training to strengthen facilitation skills and the use of process improvement tools
  • Identification of key metrics and measurement processes
  • Establishment and adoption of ground rules and principles for team effectiveness

Executives and Managers being developed for additional responsibilities and upward mobility often need individual coaching and mentoring.  We can provide this on an individual level for both the "soft skills" of negotiating, communicating, and strategy development but also the "real world skills" of decision making, risk taking, and leadership.

We offer high quality and customized strategy development and individual managerial and leadership coaching.  It is designed to assist new, transitioning, and experienced business leaders in acquiring next-generation leadership and management skills and improving bottom-line organizational performance.  We design a custom approach to assist with leadership, decision-making, relationship management, strategy development and overall performance improvement. Our coaching service is a results-oriented consulting approach delivered through personal interaction in person, on-line or on the phone.  We become an on call resource for you - we are never more than a phone call or email away.


High quality consulting services are the backbone of the service we provide. We offer support in all areas of management and business innovation and improvement.  We provide you with a wide variety of products, services, tools and training to support all aspects of individual and team performance improvement. Our consulting methodology involves industry research, preparation and planning; documenting the existing baseline of performance; identifying the desired state; identifying the performance gap; and developing customized solutions through a variety of modes and media. We provide consulting on-site or through web and telephone conferencing technology to support:

  • Workplace climate assessments
  • Performance improvement
  • Team building
  • Strategy development
  • Talent management and succession planning
  • Competency modeling
  • Learning Strategy development
  • Continuous Improvement Deployment
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